User Manual

Learn everything there is to know about Valence 3D, a new 3D modeling app for iPad & iPhone. Valence 3D is centered around polygon and subdivision surface modeling.


This user manual is divided into four major sections (Gallery, Modeler, Settings & Troubleshooting). The first three sections in this user manual represent views you'll frequently use inside of Valence 3D. The last section is full of helpful troubleshooting information.

Each section on views in Valence 3D will describe the view's features and how to use those features to organize files, create 3D models and configure settings in Valence 3D. An overview of each section is summarized below.



The Gallery view is where you can see all your valence files. In the gallery, you'll be able to open, rename, duplicate, delete, and share your files. The gallery has a button for creating a new file and a button to access settings.


The Modeler view is where you'll create, import, edit, render, preview, measure, dimension and export 3D models. This view is where all the magic happens and where you'll spend the majority of your time in Valence 3D.


The Settings sheet contains various app settings for configuring Valence's interface, theme, file saving, snapping, camera, primitive defaults and scene. This view also contains website & social media links.


This section contains various solutions to frequently asked questions that come up while using Valence 3D. This section will be the place to check first before contacting support or posting in the discord community forum.