AR Preview

While modeling in Valence 3D you can quickly preview your scene in AR with three simple actions. First tap on the Export Options button located near the bottom right corner of the screen.

Tap this button to toggle the Export options.

Modeler Interface

Valence 3D Modeler Overview

Then tap on the orange View in AR button inside of the Export Options sheet.

Exports Options Sheet

Valence 3D Modeler Export Options Sheet

This will trigger the AR Preview Options sheet to popup. You can configure which units you want to use. Learn more about units here. Then tap on the green Confirm button and Valence 3D will export your scene and display it in AR.

AR Preview Options

Valence 3D Modeler AR Preview Options

To exit AR tap on the red x button located near the top left part of the screen. If you want to export your scene as a USDZ you can tap on the green export button near the top right part of the screen.

AR Preview

Valence 3D Modeler AR Preview

When viewing your scene in AR, you can touch and drag on your scene to move it around. You can pinch to scale the scene. Lastly you can touch with two fingers to elevate your scene into the air.