Selection Modes

If you want to select multiple items or subtract from your current selection, or select the intersection of your current select and a new selection then you'll end up using Selection Modes Button to select another selection mode. By default, the selection mode is New Selection

To switch selection modes, tap on the Toggle Selection Modes button located near the bottom left corner of the screen. Then select from one of the selection modes in the modal overlay that pops up. The active selection mode is always shown in the Toggle Selection Modes button. The sections below describe each selection mode.

Modeler Interface

Valence 3D Modeler Overview

New Selection

When in New Selection mode, selecting an item will set your active selection to the newly selected item.

Tap this button to enable New Selection mode.

Add To Selection

When in Add To Selection mode, tapping an item that is already selected (in the active selection) will deselect it (remove it from the active selection).

Tap this button to enable Add To Selection mode.

Subtract From Selection

When in Subtract From Selection mode, selecting items that are in the active selection (already selected) will cause those selected items to be removed from the active selection.

Tap this button to enable Subtract From Selection mode.

Intersect Selection

When in Intersect Selection mode, selecting an item will set your active selection to the intersection of the old selection and the newly selected item. Intersect Selection mode is useful when you have selected multiple items and you want to refine your selection to a subset of those items.

Tap this button to enable Intersect Selection mode.