File Saving Settings

These settings are grouped under FILE SAVING in the Settings sheet.

Settings Sheet

Valence 3D Settings Sheet View

Disable iCloud

By default all your valence files are stored in a folder inside your iCloud Drive. This allows Valence 3D to easily synchronize your files across all you devices. This is magical when it works properly (i.e. edit and save a file on your iPhone and like magic it will show up updated on your iPad).

If you are experiencing the issues mentioned above, please switch the Disable iCloud toggle to On. After disabling iCloud, your files will be moved to local storage inside of the Valence 3D app. Please note that this should only be done if absolutely necessary. You can easily go back and forth between having your files in stored locally or in iCloud by toggling this setting.

When Disable iCloud is On, your files will be stored locally in Valence 3D's documents directory.

When Disable iCloud is Off, your files will be stored in a folder called Valence 3D on your iCloud Drive.

Auto Save

By default when editing a file in Valence 3D, Auto Save will save your file every 2 minute. If you prefer to save your file manually, you can do this by tapping on Save in the Outliner.

Auto Save Interval

You can set the interval at which Auto Save is triggered by changing the Auto Save Interval time. To do this tap on the drop down next to Auto Save Interval label and set it to your desired time interval.

By default, whenever you return to the Gallery, Valence 3D saves the file you were viewing and/or editing. To disable behavior, toggle this setting to ON.

When the setting above is ON, Valence 3D will not save the file you were viewing after returning to the Gallery. There are times where you may have changed something and actually do want to save. By default, when the setting above is toggled ON, when you return to the Gallery an alert will show asking if you want to save the file. This alert is your last chance to save the file before its discarded.