Gesture Settings

Valence 3D comes configured with a few helpful gestures to help speed up your workflow. You can enable and disable these gestures in the Settings Sheet. These settings are grouped under GESTURES in the Settings sheet.

Settings Sheet

Valence 3D Settings Sheet View

Go Home Swipe Gesture

To quickly return to the Gallery view from the Modeler view, swipe right from the left edge of the screen. Sometimes on iPhone this can be accidently triggered when swiping to manipulate the camera. To turn this gesture off, toggle the Go Home by Swifting Left Screen Edge to OFF.

Undo & Redo Tap Gestures

Valence 3D has adopted the standard undo and redo gestures found in most iPad design apps. You can turn these gestures on and off using the 2/3 Finger Tap to Undo/Redo toggle in the Settings sheet.