The SUPPORT section in the Settings sheet contains support information, links, and credits for Valence 3D.

Settings Sheet

Valence 3D Settings Sheet View

Quick Start

When you open Valence 3D for the first time, you'll be shown a Welcome & Quick Start sheet. This sheet is accessible by pressing Quick Start in the Settings sheet. This Quick Start guide shows the most commonly used buttons in Valence 3D.

Welcome Sheet

Valence 3D App Welcome Sheet

Quick Start Sheet

Valence 3D App Quick Start Guide

User Manual

The User Manual button in the Settings sheets links to this user manual, which you are reading now.

App Website

The App Website button in the Settings sheets links to Valence 3D's website.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy button in the Settings sheets links to Valence 3D's privary policy.

Show Credits

The Show Credits button in the Settings sheets shows a Credits sheet that contains information (link, usage, license) about code libraries and assets that were used in the making of Valence 3D and its example files.

Credits Sheet

Valence 3D App Credits

What's New

Whenever you update Valence 3D from the app store, you'll be shown what's new in the version you downloaded. To see what's new again, tap the What's New button in the Settings.

What's New Sheet

Valence 3D App What's New

Submit Feedback

The Submit Feedback button in the Settings sheets shows an email composition view. Use this to submit feedback about your experience with Valence 3D. If there is something that isn't working as you expected or if there is something that is broken or causing a crash, please do let us know. Valence 3D is a very young app and needs your help to become more robust and feature full.

Submit Feedback Sheet

Valence 3D App Submit Feedback